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A School Like No Other

The Grove School is like nothing you have ever seen in a school before. The vision for this school comes from the heart of wanting students to fall in love with God and know their purpose so deeply that the pressures and cares of this world cannot distract them. This school is founded to give students an opportunity to learn in a new and innovative way, all the while giving them an opportunity to find and pursue their dreams and passions. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We exist to help students to Know God, Find Joy, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference. Through The Grove's unique curriculum design and community partnerships, we hope to help students find joy in learning and discover their unique gifts and talents to find their God-given purpose to make a difference in the world. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed around the belief that students must be challenged at all times. We value the ability for students to move at their own pace of learning. Rather than grouping by age as in traditional grade levels, we group by readiness. Students can move through the required curriculum at their pace and readiness level. 


Our Community
Community connections is a large part of The Grove's design. Our mission is to help students Discover their Purpose and the community is a large part of helping to make this happen. Through community partnerships, students will be given opportunities to explore different career or hobby paths and options to help discover where God can use their gifts and talents to Make a Difference in the world.

Families Involved

Parents are welcome at The Grove! We know that you are an invaluable resource for our student's learning. You have unique gifts and talents that we need you to share with our students. Whether it is through your career knowledge or through a talent that may be your hobby, we would love for you to share! 

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