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A kindergarten through 12th grade educational opportunity like no other.


The Grove School is a K-12th private school whose mission is simple. We exist to help students to Know God, Find Joy, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference. Through The Grove's unique and individualized curriculum design and community partnerships, students find joy in learning and discover their unique gifts and talents to find their God-given purpose to make a difference in the world. 


meet the Difference Makers


Community connections is a large part of The Grove's design. Our mission is to help students Discover their Purpose and the community is a large part of helping to make this happen. Through community partnerships, students will be given opportunities to explore different career or hobby paths and options to help discover where God can use their gifts and talents to Make a Difference in the world.

Our curriculum is designed around the belief that students must be challenged at all times. We value the ability for students to move at their own pace of learning. Rather than grouping by age as in traditional grade levels, we group by readiness. Students can move through the required curriculum at their pace and readiness level. 


Summer Programs


The Grove School strives to help students continue their learning in a fun and practical way. We offer summer camps to help students make their time outside of school an exciting part of their learning experience. We will publish our summer schedule as soon as we can, so stay tuned for more information. 

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"I love how The Grove makes my child feel loved, valued, and confident. The creativity the teachers use to promote daily learning is incredible. He actually looks forward to going to school each day."

- Jennifer Williams, Parent

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