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The Difference


Typical Day


Beginning each day with worship, prayer, and self-selected small groups is an essential part of starting each day with the right focus. When we give our firsts to God, no matter what challenges we face throughout that day, we have the tools we need to handle it. 

After beginning our day correctly, students will move into the academic courses.These are the requirements that all students must address, because we want all our students to have the best foundations. Students will move at their pace, allowing them to show mastery of each topic through different ways. Each of our students will have a team of educators and their parents helping them determine the best academic path for them. It is our desire to consistently challenge students and ensure that they are learning at their pace and rate. 

Throughout the day, our students will also be focusing on projects and areas of interests through various ways. This could be through opportunities to shadow with local community members. Giving students chances to work with experts in their field and center our curriculum around real world learning opportunities helps students decide areas of passions. This also gives students the chance to connect their learning to its real world applications.

We will end each day with a community gathering with a prayer. Parents are always welcome at any part of our day, but we especially encourage you to come during this time if you would like! 

A Typical Day
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