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About Us

The Grove was founded in 2019 by Mandy Fox. The dream came from a passion and desire to help today's youth find their purpose and passion that God ordained for them. Many students go to school and when finished still do not know how they can be used by God to make a difference in their community and world. The Grove School desires to help students identify their gifts and talent to be able to find their purpose and vision so that they will find joy and focus in its fulfillment. It also seeks to help students know God and His word personally so that they can grow in their relationship with Him.

The Grove School is a private, Christian school with kindergarten through 12th grade and is an educational experience like no other. We exist to help students know God, find joy, discover their purpose, and make a difference.


Our Mission

Our Purpose. Our Passion.

To provide children an innovative learning experience both spiritually and academically which allows them to find their passion and purpose.


Our Vision. Our Crown.

To create a place that empowers students to serve God and others through their gifts and talents in order to change the world.


Our Mission. Our Growth.

To develop students academically and spiritually to know God, find joy, discover their purpose, and make a difference.


Our Foundation. Our Roots.

  • Know God- Water Your Roots. To help students develop a thriving relationship with God and change the spiritual DNA of future generations by providing Biblical and academic foundations in an innovative way.

  • Find Joy- Reach New Heights. Create an academic and spiritual environment that sparks a life of abundant joy and a love of learning.

  • Discover Your Purpose- Bear Fruit. Inspire students to discover and reach their potential by bringing them to Christ then identifying and developing their God-given spiritual and academic talents.

  • Make a Difference- Spread Your Branches. Provide light to our community and the world by connecting students’ dreams with outreach opportunities.


Our Values. Our Strength.

The Grove School seeks to create a community that is:

  • Curious- Instills a love of learning and growing, both academically and spiritually.

  • Excellent- Strives toward excellence.

  • Selfless- Puts God first and values His word.

  • Giving- Shares their gifts and talents to make a difference in their community and world.

  • Joyful- Loves others and finds joy in serving them.

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