About Us


The Grove was founded in 2019 by Steve and Mandy Fox. The dream came from a passion and desire to help today's youth find their purpose and passion that God ordained for them. So many students go to school and when finished are no closer to knowing how they can be used by God to make a difference in their community and world. The Grove School desires to help students be able to find their purpose and vision so that they will find joy and focus in its fulfillment. It also seeks to help students know God and His word personally so that they can grow in their relationship with Him.  


What Can You Expect?



Discovery Track-

Students and families go through a Discovery Track process to learn more about our school and help us learn more about you and your child:

  • Discovery Step 1- getting to know our school

  • Discovery Step 2- guiding you through the essential beliefs as a Christian and how that fits into learning

  • Discovery Step 3- a process of identifying your family and child’s gifts and strengths academically and spiritually

  • Discovery Step 4- determine where you can use those gifts and talents to glorify God throughout our school, community, or world



Psalm 1:3 explains that blessed are those who are planted by the life giving source because they will not wither and will yield fruit.

The Grove aims to provide an academic and spiritual atmosphere that allows children to find their God given calling; develop the academic, spiritual and personal skills to accomplish that calling; and give them opportunities to connect their dreams with outreach opportunities.

Academically, students will receive individualized attention to master standards based on readiness and interest. A low student to teacher ratio, academics presented on students level, a spiritual foundation,  opportunities to serve the community, and the latest technology tools and resources will ensure the ability to develop the whole child in all areas of curriculum. Team work, collaboration, and communication will be utilized each day as students work together to complete projects, explore their interests, and serve their community.



The Grove students will be academically prepared spiritual leaders who are able to think creatively, critically, work collaboratively, problem solve and innovate.