Summer Camps 2020

Summer camps are changing due to our current restrictions, but we are SOOOO excited about what we will be offering. We have decided to change the way our camps are structured to a one on one, virtual meeting with a teacher one hour per day for an entire week. The BEST part of this is that you and your child get to choose what you want to learn whether it be academic focused or enrichment activities- it is your choice and we are your virtual tutors or enrichment teachers at your service! You will be taught by a highly certified teacher with many years of experience helping kids grow and love learning!


Some examples of things we can teach (but are not limited to) are:

  • Math (all topics and areas), Writing, Science, Coding, Drama, Filmmaking, Lego Challenges, Cooking, Art, Crafts, Flower Arranging, Photography, and MANY more… 

  • Think about what your child’s interests are and let us know, we can help them grow and learn more about their passions. 


How Do I Sign Up?

  • Sign up for a week at a time- $40 per hour= $200 per week

  • Tell us on the form what you would like for us to focus on and we will go from there!

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